Managing LCR turns out to be hard for banks

Earlier this month there was an interesting article in Bloomberg Briefs “Leveling High-Quality Liquid Assets Under Basel III Proves Difficult for Banks” by Cady North and Matthew Debrabant. It turns out calculating LCR isn’t that simple.

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Green Business Strategy

The Oliver Wyman/Morgan Stanley survey of wholesale markets: something new or just the same old stuff?

We review the March 19 2015 Oliver Wyman and Morgan Stanley report, “Wholesale & Investment Banking Outlook.” This report got a substantial amount of press – we wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. Our conclusions are that OW and MS discuss the current reality well and there isn’t that much new to advertise. The interesting parts are speculative and include a fair amount of consultant and analyst guesswork. We rate the realism of the estimates.

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