T2S, Equities and Collateral


T2S opens many doors in the world of collateral and liquidity. At its simplest, financial intermediaries will soon be able to open up one account for settlement purposes and one for related cash settlement in place of one account in every market where they currently trade securities. This one dedicated account ought to consolidate settlement activity and reduce the amount of cash that traders are required to keep at Central Banks. It will also free up resources for investment in other areas. At a more complex level, T2S will dramatically expand the collateral available across the European and global marketplaces by consolidating settlement and merging collateral channels. This will be most profound in the use of equities as collateral.

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Green Business Strategy

Considerations on securities finance market evolution (Premium Content)

We’ve had some thoughts this week about how securities finance markets are developing, including the prospects of more electronic trading and how to read available data. Here’s what we are seeing.

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Senator Sanders proposes a US FTT tax to be used to pay for college education

Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who is running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, has proposed a US Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

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