Finadium: The Securities Lending Industry in 2015

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A new report from Finadium provides a data-oriented overview of the securities lending industry in 2015 including the players, market size and regulatory drivers affecting participant behavior. Data are sourced from Finadium surveys in 2014 and 2015 and from market data providers.

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Good to see central bankers looking closely at their own role in the collateral markets

We’ve had central banks on the brain lately, so a new paper from the Bank for International Settlements, “Central bank operating frameworks and collateral markets”, was right up our alley. The paper investigates the impact that central banks have in markets for assets that are frequently used as collateral.

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GE Capital and leaving the SIFI club

The sell-off of GE Capital has the potential to change the financial landscape on several levels.

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Bloomberg: Fed focuses on CCP risk

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