A rare black eye in the peer to peer repo space shows the need for careful due diligence (Premium Content)

Law Book And Gavel Duo

It’s not the first time nor will it be the last, but its always bad news: somebody thought they were being clever by falsifying documents in a direct, or peer to peer, repo transaction, leaving the cash provider bilked out of millions and the fraudster in jail. This has caused some real damage for the institutions involved. We dig into the details and offer suggestions for avoiding fraud in what otherwise is a market we appreciate and support.

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What can the OFR securities financing data collection project be used for?

A week ago Monday (Dec. 8th) we wrote about the OFR / Federal Reserve project to collect data on the securities financing markets. Today we take a look at what that could actually mean. What will they do with the data?

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Straight-through Processing and the Application of Technology in Collateral Management

Articles and reports on collateral management tend to focus on the high-level application of technology and the money to be made (or not lost) from collateral optimization. Under the hood, the reality is that collateral management for complex organizations relies heavily on technology infrastructure. This is much more than a graphic user interface at the client site; this technology extends deep into the back-end of financial markets and has a global reach. I want to share some insights we’ve gained by working with hundreds of financial institutions in this area; specifically, about straight-through processing and the technology that makes collateral management systems scalable, flexible and easy to use throughout the organization.

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