Finadium report: The central collateral funding desk


Finadium has released a new research report on the central collateral funding desk. This desk combines the operational functionalities of collateral management and a profit-oriented approach to acquiring and deploying collateral both internally and externally. While many financial services firms have consolidated some level of collateral operations and technology, this new approach looks to the pricing of collateral as a revenue opportunity.

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Law Book And Gavel Duo

A handy overview of SLR from Davis Polk including treatment of repo-style transactions

We spotted this visual guide to the Supplementary Leverage Ratio (SLR) in the Harvard law School Forum. It was produced by the law firm Davis Polk and is great background for the topic, now so near and dear to the securities financing world.

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IMF Shadow Banking report promotes regulation to balance risk and economic growth

In October 2014, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published its Global Financial Stability Report (“the Report”) entitled “Risk Taking, Liquidity, and Shadow Banking: Curbing Excess while Promoting Growth”. The report asserts that global economic recovery is dependent upon “accommodative” monetary policy in advanced economies by way of shadow banking. At the same time, the Report cautions that prolonged accommodation may also encourage excessive financial risk.

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