DataLend: Securities lending top 10 earning equities


Securities lending top 10 earnings equities – November 25, 2014. DataLend presents its top 10 earnings equities for November 25, 2014. This list is built on DataLend’s universe of more than 42,000 securities on loan.

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The Fed’s Tarullo: beefing up liquidity regulation wherever liquidity emerges

Decorative Scales Of Justice In The Courtroom

Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo gave a speech last week on liquidity regulation at The Clearing House 2014 Annual Conference. He laid out some pretty big themes, including the value of regulation, why Lenders of Last Resort (LOLR) matter and why the Federal Reserve was created to begin with. He also talked about recent actions in strengthening liquidity regulation in the financial system. His conclusions were that regulators are preparing to be broad-sweeping in their capture and regulation of financial market liquidity wherever it may occur.

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The FSB on securities finance data collection and aggregation: a good start but there are some tough points to resolve


The Financial Stability Board has released a consultative document, “Standards and Processes for Global Securities Financing Data Collection and Aggregation.” Most of this is no surprise and the actual data elements were expected, but there are some twists and turns in the road to good results. We highlight the issues most likely to cause trouble for both market participants and regulators.

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Finadium report: Transforming the Agency Lending Business Model

Business vision concept vector

A new report from Finadium takes a fresh look at the securities lending agent business model and finds three scenarios for future evolution. Agent lenders for beneficial owners, including pension plans and fund complexes, have built robust businesses based on their deep experience in the financing markets and relationships with counterparties. A regulatory, technological and operational infrastructure now exists around agency lending that was hard to image twenty years ago. Even so, securities lending is in the middle of substantial change. In order to remain successful franchises, agent lenders must evolve to meet market demands. Financial markets are built on innovation and agency securities lending is no exception.

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Prime brokerage 2014 revenues from physical financing and margin (Premium Content)

currency paper

We assess prime broker estimated revenues for 2014 from physical financing and margin. We build on the methodology for finding prime brokerage revenue first published in “Which prime brokers are making the most money in securities lending?”, September 2013. This analysis includes further thinking about the value of internalization and the role of synthetic financing. There are some new winners in this year’s numbers. But in a declining physical market, is anyone really a winner?

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