The NY Fed’s Liberty Street Economics blog: is there evidence of UST liquidity in decline?

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Earlier this month there was a series of five articles on market liquidity in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Liberty Economics Street Blog. So much has been written about falling liquidity in the financial markets, with a lot of the blame laid at the feet of regulation. These FRBNY articles discuss some of the other less acknowledged factors, in effect taking the heat off the “unintended consequence of regulation” meme.

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Are ETFs being neglected as good collateral? Markit thinks so.

There have been a handful of articles recently on ETFs, and in particular on the use of EFTs as collateral. Could ETFs become widely accepted as collateral in securities lending, repo and other collateralized transactions? The idea opens up interesting new avenues for ETF liquidity and utilization.

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Finadium podcast on Airex: “Examining Liquid Alternatives”

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