Finadium: Prime Brokerage: Towards a New Target Operating Model for Financing

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This Finadium report looks at a newly emerging conversation in prime brokerage on the Target Operating Model for financing. We evaluate the historical prime brokerage financing model in relation to new regulations, segmentation in prime brokerage and what a securities financing exchange may look like compared to existing market models. Our findings are the result of recent conversations with prime brokers, hedge funds and service providers. The report also benefits from conversations at recent Finadium conferences and panels.

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Can bank financial statements tell us anything about collateral efficiency? (Premium Content)

We recently undertook a study of US bank SEC filings to learn if anything could be said about how efficient banks are with their in-house collateral. Our thesis was that as collateral becomes more important to financial markets, the banks that were already showing the greatest amount of collateral efficiency would be the biggest winners. Here’s what we found out.

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Green Business Strategy

Considerations on securities finance market evolution (Premium Content)

We’ve had some thoughts this week about how securities finance markets are developing, including the prospects of more electronic trading and how to read available data. Here’s what we are seeing.

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